Why use an  small  appraisal management company when you can use a big national company?


 We are not a National Mega AMC who doesn't know there panel  or even the area that they are appraising. We at CPS know the state of California and the many nuisances of appraising in it's many diverse communities . We do not broadcast orders , we hand pick our appraisers and use the most qualified individuals , not the cheapest. The fact that we don't look for the cheapest appraiser does not  affect your consumers, we are on the cutting edge of competitive pricing  and run leaner than the larger mega AMC's.


   At CPS we work with the best and most qualified appraisers and we make sure that  they know there area  intimately . Our appraiser panel  is second to none with over 300 appraisers throughout the state. This allows us to develop a relationship  with each and every one of our paneled appraisers , this leads to you getting the best service and the highest quality appraisal possible . 



  When you work with CPS  you are getting the best customer  service possible . Our team values our customers  and eagerly await your calls  and emails. Have you been bounced around the phone tree one time too often ? We believe in picking up our phone and  speaking to our clients . Our goal is to build a relationship  with our lenders  via  personal contact , and by that we mean a live voice . Your staff deserve the same contact and professionalism  that you want for your clients . When you have appraisal questions  do you speak with an appraiser  at the  large AMC's ?  Most likely you will speak to someone who doesn't  know how to read an appraisal and doesn't  know how to Help. We can help you in one call most of the time , and if not ,we will call you back within minutes ,not days. If your looking for a partner in the valuation services department look no further , call us today





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Our technology

CPS Appraisal  uses the industry leading Software  eTrac

Our  goal is to make using CPS appraisal Seamless  and  streamlined as possible. Integrating with various Loan Origination Systems (LOS) helps ensure this happens. The list below shows the LOS integrations that we currently offer: 

Calyx Integration







eTrac-CoreLogic Integration



Encompass Integration



FICS Integration



FIS Integration



LendingQB Integration 



MortgageFlex Integration



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